Complete Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our team is your team.  We take responsibility for an agency’s (your) entire Revenue Cycle starting with eligibility verification and authorization management, and contract and credentialing management.  We approve claims, batch them, send them to payers or work with your clearinghouse to submit the claims on a mutually agreed upon schedule.  We post payments, work denials and have a great track record conducting appeals projects.   We can also provide valuable support during fiscal audits.   

Why choose BHRCMS

  1. BHRCM Solutions will increase your collection rate – setting you apart from your peers.
  2. BHRCM Solutions only gets paid when you get paid.
  3. BHRCM Solutions uses an integrated, collaborative working model. Plus, we are flexible. We provide onsite and remote analysis.  
  4. BHRCM Solutions cares about your fiscal goals, and we work with you to achieve those goals. If your goal is to completely outsource, or outsource, improve and then insource your RCM; we help you do this in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  5. BHRCM Solutions is committed to helping our clients achieve and sustain fiscal stability.

The Team

BHRCM Solutions has a team of experts. All of our staff come from the provider world and have years of experience.  We have licensed social workers, experienced Billing Directors, eligibility and authorization experts, claim representatives, and many of our staff have held C suite positions for years before joining BHRCMS.   Since we have worked in and with so many agencies, we help analyze and improve processes using a collaborative, solution focused approach.

Jordan Oshlag, MSW, LICSW

Chief Executive Officer

Jordan has over 33 years of experience in the behavioral health care field. For the past eleven years Jordan has specialized in helping behavioral healthcare agencies select and implement electronic health records systems. He has worked with Netsmart (myEvolv), Qualifacts, eHana, iCentrix, Meditech and other EHR systems.

Jordan’s background includes working as the COO of a large community mental health center with over 1000 employees for nine years. Jordan is a graduate of Brandeis University and Boston University School of Social Work and independently licensed in Massachusetts. He is a highly skilled project manager and brings a unique integration of macro and clinical social work skills with technology knowledge and years implementation experience to each project.

Jordan has superior organizational and interpersonal skills with the ability to work with diverse groups of people, as well as strong analytic and writing skills. Jordan is also an energetic, enthusiastic and effective facilitator, teacher and presenter. Other work experience includes working for a Managed Behavioral Healthcare company, a software company and teaching graduate school.

Zachary L. Skelly

Chief Financial Officer

Zach is a healthcare executive with decades of experience in the health and human services industry. His primary experience is with NetSmart MyEvolv, Meditech Magic and Expanse and Qualifacts CareLogic.

He has worked with hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes and long-term care agencies, as well as the full spectrum of behavioral health organizations throughout the United States.

Zach’s wealth of experience includes clinical workflow, revenue cycle management, training program design and delivery, as well as system architecture and report development.

He has also implemented systems within multiple $100+ million hospitals and behavioral organizations and managed the training of thousands of clinicians and staff.

Zach actively works with behavioral EHR executives and engineering teams, providing troubleshooting and solution design services.

Highlighting his wealth of knowledge, Zach has presented at a dozen plus national and regional behavioral health conferences.

Prior to working in health and human services, Zach was the chief software architect for three professional applications, including laboratory analytical software for the City of San Jose (Capital of Silicon Valley).

Eric McClanahan

Chief Operational Officer

Eric is a professional with a decade of behavioral healthcare experience. He has worked with hospitals, physician’s offices and behavioral health agencies in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

He has experience with revenue cycle management, billing/coding, clinical workflow, system build/administration, helpdesk/call center implementation/management, training and report writing.

Eric has been involved with RCM for multiple $100+ million organizations including The University of North Carolina Hospital Systems. Eric also has experience with Netsmart’s myEvolv, CareLogic and Meditech Expanse EHR systems. Along with implementation experience, Eric has experience with managing revenue cycle departments, implementing and optimizing organizational processes to streamline Revenue Cycle and increase collections.

BHRCM Solutions has a vested interest in helping our clients achieve and sustain fiscal stability – because we get paid when you get paid.

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