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RCM Mentoring

We provide support and training to your staff to increase collections and reduce denied claims

C Suite Mentoring

We provide assistance in adding to your RCM team (hiring/screening), working with existing resources, audit support, and help plan and transition the RCM team to operating at peak efficiency.

Hybrid RCM Services

We work with your staff and share in the RCM responsibilities.  

It feels like they have always been here supporting us and striving to ensure our success.
In a matter of a few months, BHRCM Solutions turned our billing efforts and department around and put our agency solidly in the black! We went from having nine employees struggling to keep ahead of the insurance companies to one working in tandem with the BHRCMS team…

Rosemarie M. Ansel
Executive Director, MSW/CHC, River Valley Counseling Center
My CFO had just resigned, my internal billing team was new and untrained, and at this point we did not see an immediate answer as to how to move forward. Thankfully, Behavioral Health RCM Solutions was able to step in immediately. With their expertise they were able to assess, triage, and implement not only a

Kristie Scott

BHRCM Solutions has a vested interest in helping our clients achieve and sustain fiscal stability - because we get paid when you get paid.

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